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JPL Compliance Matrix



Risk Areas

Cognizant Policy Office

Cognizant Officer and Key Contacts


Financial and Cost Management, Contract Management

  • Disbursements

Business Operations Directorate (200)


Steve Proia,

CFO/Director (200)

Marc Goettel,

Deputy CFO/Deputy Director (200)

  • Asset Valuation and CAS
  • Service Centers

Finance and Contract Management Division (210)

Jean Milbrandt,

Controller/Division Manager (210)

Diane Newmark,

Deputy Division Manager (210)

  • Labor Charging, Timekeeping, and Cost Transfers

Payroll, Labor and Cost Accounting

Jim Prikosovits,

Manager (212)

  • Payroll

Payroll and Labor Accounting (2126)

Vivian Pahati,

Manager (2126)

  • Financial Reporting (NF 533 and NF 1018)

Cost Accounting (2127)

Brian Corcoran,

Manager (2127)

  • Prime Contract Management
  • Cost Allowability
  • Task Order Management

Contract Management Section (211)

Katrina Christian,

Assistant Division Manager (211)


Program Business


  • Financial Reporting (PPBE)

Program Business Management Division (250)

Daniel Graham,

Division Manager (250)

David Milkovich,

Deputy Division Manager (250)

  • Cost Estimation

Cost Estimation and Pricing Office (251)

Fred Doumani,

Section Manager (2510)

  • Earned Value Management
  • Project Life Cycle Financial Management
  • Work Authorization

Cost Management Implementation (2503)

Joe Fischetti,

Manager (2503)



  • Acquisition (including purchase orders, P-cards, small/minority business, subcontract management)

Acquisition Division (260)

Karl Bird,

Division Manager (260)

Andre Stefanovich,

Deputy Manager (260)

Acquisition Planning and Compliance Section (263)

Kevin Caporicci,

Section Manager (263)

  • Cost Performance Analysis (including subcontract costing)

Cost and Performance Analysis (2632)

Jeffrey Goodman,

Supervisor (2632)

  • Make or Buy

Project Acquisition Management and Business Opportunities Office (268)

Steve Alfery,

Manager (268)



Project Planning Office (1610)

Ray Morris,

Manager (1610)



Business Ethics and Conflicts of Interest

  • Business Ethics (including conflict of interest, hotline control, and research misconduct)

Ethics Office (102)

Lani DeBenedictis,

Manager (102)

Office of the Chief Scientist (120)

Dan McCleese,

Chief Scientist (120)

Cinzia Zuffada,

Manager (120)

Office of the Chief Technologist (130)

Jonas Zmuidzinas,

Chief Technologist (130)


Environmental Health and Safety

  • Environmental Management

Office of Safety and Mission Success (5000)

Janis Chodas,

Director (5000)

Environmental Affairs Program Office (5030)

Charles Buril,

Manager (5030)

  • Systems Safety

System Safety Program Office (5160)

Cami Vongsouthy,

Manager (5160)

  • Safety and Occupational Health

Occupational Safety Program Office (5020)

Barbara Cruz,

Manager (5020)


Facilities Management

  • Facilities Management (including facilities maintenance)

Facilities Division (2800)

Robert Develle,

Division Manager (2800)

Facilities Maintenance and Operations Section (2820)

Carlos Villarreal,

Section Manager (2820)

  • Facilities Engineering and Construction

Facilities Engineering and Construction Section (2810)

Leonard Pieroni,

Facilities Program Section Manager (2810)


Government Property

  • Government Property Management and Accounting

Logistics and Technical Information Division (270)

Willis Chapman,

Division Manager (270)

  • Materiel Management

Logistics and Materiel Services Section (272)

Bruce Troutman,

Section Manager  (272)

  • Records Management

Library, Archives, and Records (273)

Sara Tompson,

Section Manager (273)


Human Resources

  • Equal Opportunity (including  affirmative action)

Human Resources Directorate (110)

Cozette Hart,

Director (110)

Richard Roessler,

Deputy Director (110)

  • Benefits

People Services Management Section (116)

Kenneth Bradshaw,

Section Manager (116)

  • Compensation

Compensation, Rewards, and Recognition Section (114)

Elizabeth Loftus,

Section Manager (114)

  • Employee Relations (including disability and leave administration)

Leaves and Employee Assistance (1162)

Kenneth Bradshaw,

Section Manager (1162)

  • Occupational Health

Occupational Health Services (1163)

Robert Estrada,

Manager (1163)

  • International Services

Talent Management and CIT International Office (1193)

Cheryl Ortenburger,

HR Business Partner (1193)

International Scholar Services (Campus)

Ilana Smith,


International Scholars (Campus)

  • Employment

Talent Management (1190)

Richard Conti,

Section Manager (1190)

  • Employee Privacy

Talent Management and CIT International Office (1193)

Cheryl Ortenburger,

HR Business Partner (1193)


Information Technology

  • Privacy of Information
  • Software Licensing


Information Technology Directorate (170)

James Rinaldi,

Director (170)

Magalene Powell-Meeks,

Deputy Director (170)

Enterprise Business Information Systems Division (220)

Peter Rinde,

Division Manager (220)

Information Technology (170)

Corbin Miller,

Computer Security Engineer (178) Chief Information Security Officer (170)

Operations, Networking & Cybersecurity (173)

Robin Dumas,

Division Manager (173)


Export Controls

  • Export Compliance

Export Compliance Office (141)


Reed Wilcox,

Manager (141)



  • Physical Security

Office of  Protective Services (203)

Randy Aden,

Division Manager (203)

Joe Courtney,

Deputy Division Manager (203)

James Chaffee,

Section Manager (2032)

  • Emergency Preparedness

Security Operations

William Michael,

Emergency Preparedness Program Administrator/ Group Supervisor (203A)

  • Continuity of Operations

Business Operations Directorate

Marc Goettel,

Deputy CFO/ Deputy Director (200)










Krystin Goethals,

COOP Coordinator (203A)



Mission and Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance (including hardware and software quality control, procurement quality assurance, receiving inspection)

Office of Safety and Mission Success (5000)

Janis Chodas,

Director (5000)

Deputy Director (5000)

Karla Clark,

Manager (5000)

Quality Assurance Office (5120)

John O’Donnell,

Section Manager (5120)

  • Reliability Engineering and Mission Environmental Assurance

Reliability Engineering & Mission Environmental Assurance Office (5130)

Mark Boyles,

Section Manger (5130)

  • Electronic Parts Engineering

Electronic Parts Engineering Office (5140)

Rob Menke,

Section Manager (5140)


Project Management

  • Project Implementation (including life cycle risk management, spacecraft and instrument health and safety, production and material readiness)

Flight Projects and Mission Success (1000)

Chris Jones,

Associate Director (1000)

PSO Reporting and Business Administration Office (1601)

Sheryl Rinker,

Manager (1601)

Project Planning Office (1610)

Ray Morris,

Manager (1610)

Last Updated 09/14/2015


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