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Welcome to the Institute Compliance Program (ICP) website!

The California Institute of Technology is dedicated to high standards of compliance and ethical behavior. The importance of compliance and ethical values are reenforced in the annual President's Message to the Institute.

The objective of the Institute Compliance Program (Program) is to help promote an organizational culture that encourages ethical conduct and a commitment to compliance with the law, and ensures appropriate systems are in place to prevent, detect, correct, and report problems that do occur. The Program provides a framework to help ensure that Caltech maintains controls that are consistent with its commitment to high ethical standards and that adhere to all applicable external laws, regulations and contractual obligations as well as internal policies and procedures. The Program is a reflection of an organizational culture shaped by senior leadership and is expressed in terms of shared values and guiding principles. In turn, these values and principles are reinforced by systems and procedures implemented throughout the Institute. Together, these values, guiding principles, systems and procedures form the Institute’s overall compliance program.

For more information on the ICP, please click the link for the Program Overview.